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Bible should not be interpreted according to the popular view, our thoughts, what people would like to hear, all books, all systems should be conform to the Bible as the Word of God is the final authority.


 Today many are putting their opinions into the scriptures, some are twisting the word of God, playing gymnastics with the word of God. Do not believe what ever that comes from the pulpit, or whatever you read or hear, test all things through scripture, test the context of the passage, hold on to the truth. Pray for discernment.

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Doctrine and Theology

Pastor Nick Bibile

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C.D. Cole

Volume I - The Doctrine of God
Volume II - Sin-Salvation-Service
Volume III - The New Testament Church
The Bible Doctrine Of Election
Heavenly Hope
Divine Order of the Sexes
Eternal Punishment
Lectures In Biblical Theology Of The New Testament

A.W. Pink

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Video Series (Third Millennium Ministries)

by Dr. Richard L. Pratt Jr. Video

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