Original Sin

Un-edited Notes

By Nick Bibile

Romans 5: 12-14


If God is perfect and good,  how come there is evil in this world?  Was sin originated by God?  Why is it that all sin?


God’s character is absolutely holy and righteous and sin cannot come from God.  See Deuteronomy 32:4 and James 1:13.


It was the angels who sinned and man who sinned as God did not create robuts but God created them with a free will.  God created man in the image of God. What is the image of God? See Ephesians 4:22-24,  Col. 3:10. 


What happened when man sinned?  That image was shattered, as man became un-holy and un-righteous.


In our Romans studies, we have seen that sin has created a gap between God and man, a gap that

man is incapable of bridging. But what caused this? Where did sin come from?


The origin of sin in the world is Adam's one willful sin, and his sin brought tremendous



First we will see the effects of Adam's sin upon himself


Then we will see the effects of Adam's sin upon us.


What did sin do to Adam?


He died spiritually


First, when Adam sinned, he died spiritually:


     He lost fellowship with God

     He lost the ability to communicate with God

     He lost the ability to choose good


It is difficult for us to understand, but Adam could have chosen good, but we cannot!


He died physically


Adam's sin brought not only spiritual ramifications, but also physical consequences.


When Adam sinned, he became physically mortal. Did die at that moment? No - but the aging

process set in, which would lead to his death.


And when A sinned, his sin poisoned his body. I am speculating, but there must have been a

physical basis to his sin, because it brought about his death! His body changed - it was poisoned

by sin. And this change must have been on the physical level - his chromosomal structure changed.

His DNA was corrupted.


This change would have affected not only him, but the entire human race!


As a result of his sin and his consequent genetic corruption, everyone who was descended from

him was born in that same condition:


     each of his descendants was born mortal

     each was born genetically corrupted


     Also, every one of his descendants was born inheriting his sin nature.


This inherent sin nature means that every human being is born:


     genetically corrupted


     completely alienated from God


     totally depraved


     totally unable to communicate with God


     with a built-in propensity to do evil


So every baby is born with a sin nature, and, even before he sins, it is certain that he will - just

because he has the sin nature.


For example, when tigers are born, they are "cute". But they will not be "cute" very long. We know

for a fact that the little tiger will become fierce. It is his nature - therefore it is inevitable.


     It is the tiger's nature to be fierce

     It is man's nature to sin


Our sin nature is built in to us, physically - into our DNA!


Recently much has been made of research allegedly "proving" that homosexuals are born with their

same-sex orientation.


We have to say first that this research is not conclusive at all.


Secondly, we say,


so what?


Even if it were true, it would not mean at all that homosexuality is approved by God, or that He

made them homosexuals. The truth is that we are all predisposed to sin, because of our inherited,

built-in sin nature.


So it would not be shocking to discover that some humans are born predisposed to a particular

sin - which homosexuality most certainly is.


So we have one of the results of Adam's sin and subsequent fall. He became corrupted with a sin

nature, which we inherited.


In this study we will see yet another result of Adam's fall. This one is surprising, and is not

discussed much.


Because of Adam's sin, something thing else happened, which is difficult to understand and which,

many say, is not fair.



Let's suppose that a man was born, and lived a totally sinless life, never sinning in thought, word or



{Obviously this is not only hypothetical, but also impossible}


Would that man be acceptable before God and go to heaven?


The answer is ..............................NO!!!


In this study we will see why he would not be.



Romans 5: 12-14


12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin,

and so death spread to all men, because all sinned--


13 for until the Law sin was in the world; but sin is not imputed when there is no law.


14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned

in the likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come.



We have seen in our Romans series that man is totally separated from God. God is up, man is

down. There is an unbreachable gap between God and the human race.


What caused this separation? The answer is: SIN.


Now, where did sin originate?


The origin if sin


12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world,


One willful sin of Adam brought consequences, the first being death.


Death is a consequence of sin.


and death through sin,


In the Bible, "death" is presented in 3 different aspects


1) Physical death.


Physical death is "no big deal" for a Christian. Physical death just transports us directly into the

conscious presence of Jesus.


2) Spiritual death.


The first instance of "spiritual death" was Adam. This death refers to separation from God. As a

result if Adam's sin, he was separated from God. Now there is absolutely no way that God can

communicate with us or us with Him.


For the natural man to communicate with God would be like trying to tune in and FM radio station

on a toaster. The natural human being cannot receive spiritual signals from God because he is

spiritually dead.


3) Eternal death . This is the final death. Anyone who dies in his sins, having never trusted in Jesus

Christ as his personal Savior, will "die" eternally. He will be conscious, yet eternally separated from

God in hell.


Paul is speaking here of physical death. Adam sinned and became mortal - he and all descendants.

So Paul says,


and so death spread to all men,


how did this happen?


because all sinned--


We have already seen:


     that we inherited Adam's sin nature. When Adam sinned, his body was corrupted. We are

     his descendants, therefore we are corrupted as well.


     that we also inherited his propensity to sin (the "sin nature").


When Adam sinned, we sinned!


But this is not what Paul is saying here - he is saying something entirely different, and possibly very



When Adam sinned, everybody sinned.


What does Paul mean by this? He means exactly what he said.


When Adam sinned, we sinned. That means we are guilty of Adam's sin. Adam ate the forbidden

fruit. We did too. We are guilty of that sin.


How can this be? We were not even born then! How can we be guilty for Adam's sin??


Adam was our federal head


Adam is our representative, the representative of the human race, our federal head. In a federal

system, one person legally represents a group of people.


We send Congressmen and Senators to Washington, and they represent us (at least, they are

supposed to). So the actions that they take as our federal representatives are actions that are

imputed to us


- even if they do bad things.


For example - abortion. If God chooses to judge America for abortion, he has the right to judge

"Americans" for abortion. Why? Because our federal representatives - our federal "heads" - made

abortion legal.


So another person acts as our federal head, and we get the credit for the "good" things they do, as

well as the guilt for the "bad" things they do.


In the same way, Adam was our representative. If we had done a good work, we would have

received the credit. Since, however, he sinned,


we receive the blame for his work,


Yes, it happened before we were born, but Adam was acting as our representative, our federal



Adam was also our "natural head".


Adam was our natural head


Adam was our natural, physical representative. We were physically in Adam!


Genetically, Adam carried the base for every human being who would ever live, in his body!


In that sense, he is our natural head.


In Hebrews 7, the writer refers back to Genesis 14, where Abraham pays tithes to the king of

Jerusalem, who is named "Melchizedek".


     Abraham had a son, Isaac.

     Isaac had a son, Jacob.

     Jacob had 12 sons, one of them named "Levi."


The writer says that "Levi paid tithes through Melchizedek." How could that be? Levi was not

born when Abraham tithes to Melchizedek. The text says that Levi was in the loins of his father.

Abraham was carrying the genetic structure that later produced Levi. So, in the same sense, Adam

was not only our federal head, he was also our natural, physical, head.


Adam's sin imputed to us


So Adam's sin was imputed to us. This may not seem fair (it is, as we will see later), but Adam's

sin was placed on our account - it was imputed to us.


So, legally, we were guilty of Adam's sin. Before we were born, before we could ever sin, we

were guilty of Adam's sin.


And, once again, we are not just talking about just inheriting his evil nature -which we did - we are

actually guilty for his sin.


Is this fair? / Is this true?


Is this fair? Well, the real issue is- is it true? If we have a difficult Biblical doctrine, first we decide if

it is true, then we deal with the objections.


That is what we will do in this study - we will look at this issue of Adam's sin being imputed to us

and demonstrate that it is indeed fair.


Paul proves that this imputation was true


But you will notice that Paul neither explains nor attempts to justify the fact of that imputation.

What he DOES do is to prove that what he said was true.


In fact , he now takes two verses (13-14) and proves Adam's sin was imputed to us:


13 for until the Law sin was in the world; but sin is not imputed when there is no law.


14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned

in the likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come.


What in the world this mean? This is difficult to understand, isn't it?


Sin leads to death


Let's follow his reasoning:


     There is a Biblical principle according to which sin leads to death.


Death proves sin


If this is true, then the reverse is true:


     If you have death, that means there WAS sin.


That is the principle. Now let's look at the facts and see how the principle fits.


People were dying


Fact: people were dying during the period of time that extended from Adam to Moses. (We will

see later why he stopped with Moses).


In fact, death reigned from Adam to Moses.


Therefore there was sin.


So people were dying from Adam to Moses. There was death. Therefore there must have been

sin. Now whose sin? For whose sins were they dying?


But not their own sin!


Were they dying as a result of their own sins? Well, what is sin? Sin is the transgression of the

Law. The problem is that there was no law yet.


So it could not have been their own sin, because there was no law to sin against. There were no

commands given during this time period that they could have been breaking.


For Adam's sin!


So, for which law were they being punished? The last command given - to not eat of the forbidden



Were they actually sinless? Certainly not. Paul's point is that they did not sin in the same manner

that Adam did:


14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned

in the likeness of the offense of Adam...


What is the "likeness of the offense of Adam"?


What did Adam do? Adam violated a specific command of God. On the other hand, people from

Adam to Moses did not sin in this way, because there was not a specific command to disobey.

And yet they died. This proves that they were dying for the violation that Adam had committed.

His sin was indeed imputed to them.


And therefore,


death spread to all men,


Again Paul states this as a fact. When Adam sinned, everyone sinned. He makes no effort to

explain or to justify why God imputed Adam's sin to us.


But there are obvious objections. It really does not seem fair.


Looking at this issue of the imputation of Adam's sin to us, we have two choices .


     We can get "hung up" on the issue and decide that it is not fair

     Or we can look at the bigger picture.


The "Big Picture"


The bigger picture is this:


Along with the imputation of Adam's sin to us, He also gave us a remedy. Not only did God do

something about that original sin, He did much more.