Agape Chapel Ministries Sermon Notes (un-edited)
By Pastor Nick Bibile

Following is a list of sermons preached by Pastor Nick Bibile. The sermons are un-edited; therefore human error cannot be avoided. Pastor Nick Bibile was an ex-Buddhist for 26 years, never read or touched a Bible. Born into an Aristocratic, well educated Sinhalese family. In his early years of Christianity, he attended Calvary Chapel. Served as a Missionary to the Philippines for 3 years through Mission to Unreached Peoples.  We hope his sermons will bless you much spiritually. If you wish to contact him, click Contact Pastor Nick


Another INDEX of Subjects.


    Fear of the Lord Part 1     Part 2      Part 3




Answer the Following Question.

Is God powerful and all knowing? Did God create Lucifer? Did God know that Lucifer is going to fall and deceive mankind? Was salvation planned after the fall of Adam or before? How powerful is your God?

PART 1 DOCTRINE (Ephesians Chapter 1-3) - The Way to Salvation is by Christ Alone, grace alone.

PART 2 PRACTICAL APPLICATION (Chapter 4-6) The Result of Salvation is works. (Fruits/Conduct)

Spiritual Blessings

When Did God Chose the Believer?

Predestination  (It's in the Bible)


The Mystery of His Will

The Gospel of your Salvation

Can you lose your Salvation?

Our Inheritance

Is Doctrine Important?

Spiritual Understanding is from the Heart

The Power of God in Salvation 1

 The Power of God in Salvation 2

Christ's Authority and Power

 What Comes First, Faith or Regeneration?

The Result of the Original Sin

Is there Human Cooperation in Salvation?

Believers Union with Christ. The Radical Change

Salvation is of Grace ALONE

Faith is the Channel of Grace of God

God's Grace from the Beginning to the End

Praying for Spiritual Growth 1

Praying for Spiritual Growth 2 Praying for Spiritual Growth 3
Praying for Spiritual Growth 4 The Result of our Calling 1  The Result of our Calling 2