An Expanded Outline


Part I


“The things which thou hast seen”


I. The Prologue                      Rev. 1:1-2


·       The title                       Rev. 1:1-3

·       The salutation              Rev. 1:4-6

·       The soon coming of Christ                                                      Rev. 1:7

·       The personal testimony of Christ                                             Rev. 1:8


II. The Command to Write                                                                            Rev. 1:9-10

·       The circumstances of the vision                                              Rev. 1:9-11

·       The Christ of the vision                                                           Rev. 1:12-16

·       The critical results of having had the vision                            Rev. 1:17-20


Part II


“The things which are”


III. Seven Letters of love to the Seven Churches


·       The letter of love to the church of Ephesus                 Rev. 2:1-7      


·       The letter of love to the church of Smyrna                   Rev. 2:8-11


·       The letter of love to the church of Pergamos               Rev. 2:12-17


·       The letter of love to the church of Thyatira                 Rev. 2:18-29


·       The letter of love to the church of Sardis                                Rev. 3:1-6


·       The letter of love to the church of Philadelphia                      Rev. 3:7-13


·       The letter of love to the church of Laodicea                Rev. 3:14-22


Part III

“The thing which shall be hear after”


IV.    The Vision Unfolds from the Throne of God


·       The door of heaven     Rev. 4:1


·       The decorative heavenly throne                                              Rev. 4:2-3,5-6


·       The twenty-four elders and the four beasts                              Rev. 4:4-8


q      The first beast was like a lion                                           Rev. 4:7

q      The second beast was like a calf                                       Rev. 4:7

q      The third beast had the face of a man                    Rev. 4:7

q      The fourth beast was like a flying eagle                Rev. 5:1-14


·       The Sealed Book


q      The scroll in the right hand of power of the one enthroned           Rev. 5:1

q      The search for one worthy to open the scroll                                Rev. 5:2-5

q      The special Lamb who is found worthy to open the scroll            Rev. 5:6-7

q      The saints rejoicing in heaven Rev. 5:8-14


·       The breaking of the seven seals                                                    

q      The first seal revealed a rider on a white horse

Rev. 6:1-3


q      A second seal revealed a rider on a red horse     

Rev. 6:4


q      The third seal revealed a rider on a black horse

Rev. 6:4


q      The fourth seal revealed a rider on a pale horse

Rev. 6:7-8


q      The fifth seal revealed an altar with praying souls of martyrs

Rev. 6:9-11


q      The sixth seal was broken to reveal upheavals in nature  

Rev. 6:12-17                    


First Interlude


Before the opening of the seventh seal of the scroll there was the first of six interludes recorded in Revelation 7. During the interlude John becomes a witness to the sealing of the 144,000 Jews

Rev. 7:1-8


and a great multitude of Gentiles washed by the blood of the Lamb

Rev. 7:9-17


q      The seventh seal was then broken followed          by silence in heaven for the space of half an hour.

      Rev. 8:1


Seven angels whom stood before God made divine preparations. They were given seven trumpets.

Another angel was given a golden censer to offer incense with the prayers of the saints ascending from the golden altar, which was before the throne.      

Rev. 8:3-5


·       The sounding of the seven trumpets                       Rev. 8:6-11:19


q      The first trumpet sounded and the earth was smitten with hail, fire, and blood

Rev. 8:6-7


q      The second trumpet sounded and the sea was smitten by a burning mountain that fell into it.

Rev. 8:8-9


q      The third trumpet sounded and the rivers of the earth were smitten as a star called wormwood fell into them.

Rev. 8:10-11


q      The fourth trumpet sounded and men were smitten. The sun, moon, and stars were affected. Rev. 8:12-13


q      The fifth trumpet sounded and men were smitten. The first woe of plagues came forth, a plague of locusts.

Rev. 9:12


q      The sixth trumpet sounded and yet more men were killed in a great slaughter for the second woe was unleashed in the form of warriors on horseback

Rev. 9:13-21

Second Interlude


During this second interlude in Revelation 10:1-11:4,


John bears witness to a little scroll

Rev. 10:1-11


and two witnesses to whom special attention is paid.

Rev. 11:1-14


v    Their association with the temple                                           Rev. 11:1-2

v    The duration of their ministry                                      Rev. 11:3

v    Their personal protection and power                                      Rev. 11:4-6

v    The termination of their ministry                                             Rev. 11:7-10

v    Their ultimate translation                                                        Rev. 11:11-14


q      The seventh trumpet sounded to announce the sovereign reign of the Lord over the nations of the earth (11:15-19). The nations resisted with violence the reign of the Sovereign.


·       In John's vision there began to appear a series of seven personages

Rev. 12:1-14:20


q      The first person was a woman clothed with the sun

Rev. 12:1-2


q      The second person was a great red dragon

Rev. 12:3- 4


q      The third person was a man-child

Rev. 12:5-6



q      The fourth person was the archangel

Rev. 12:7-12


q      The fifth person was the woman with the man-child

Rev. 12:13-17


q      The sixth person was the beast out of the sea

Rev. 13:1-10


q      The seventh person was the beast out of the earth

Rev. 13:11-18


Third Interlude


After the description of the seven personages John heard various announcements proclaimed concerning the Lamb of God, the everlasting gospel, the worship of the beast and the blessed dead.


v    The Lamb on Mount Zion and the 144,000

Rev. 14:1-5


v    The proclamation of the everlasting gospel by angels

Rev. 14:6-8

v    The worship of the beast

Rev. 14:9-13


v    The blessed dead and a great harvest 

Rev. 14:14-20


·       The third interlude came to an end and the prelude to the seven bowl judgments began as John saw a sea of glass (15:2-4). Angels came out of the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven (15:5-8)



q      The first bowl of boils was poured out

Rev. 16:1-2


q      The second bowl was poured out. There was blood in the seas.

Rev. 16:3


q      The third bowl was poured out the waters. streams, and lakes.

Rev. 16:4-7


q      The fourth bowl was poured out and there was scorching heat. Rev. 16:8-9


q      The fifth bowl was poured out and there was darkness.
Rev. 16:10-11


q      The sixth bowl was poured out and the Euphrates river dried     

in preparation for the battle of Armageddon.

Rev. 16:12-16


Fourth Interlude


During this fourth interlude John observed three unclean spirits came out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

Rev. 16:13-16


q      The seventh bowl was poured out and there was great hail.

Rev. 16:17-21


·       The vision of John entered into a final phase as he bore witness to the seven final judgments.

Rev. 17:1


q      The first judgment concentrated on religious Babylon.

      Rev. 17:1-18


q      The second judgment concentrated on commercial Babylon.       

      Rev. 18:1-24


An appeal was then made for the people to be separate    from the evil system

Rev. 18:4-8

      because anguish was certain.                    Rev. 18:9-10


The just judgment caused great joy among the elect of God.

Rev. 18:20-24


Fifth Interlude


John enjoyed a fifth interlude as the apostle looked for the Second Advent of Christ                                                             Rev. 19:1-21

which occurs with a hallelujah chorus                                                            Rev. 19:1-7

a marriage supper                                                                                            Rev. 19:8-10

and the defeat of all the enemies of the Lord.                                      Rev. 19:11-21


q      After the interlude John testified to the third judgment in the fall of the false prophet and the beast. Rev. 19:20


q     The fourth judgment John witnessed was the judgment upon those nations hostile to Christ.

Rev. 19:21

Sixth Interlude

In this interlude John observes


v    the binding of Satan    

Rev. 20:1-3


v    the first resurrection   

Rev. 20:4-6


v    a final rebellion

Rev. 20:7-9



q      The fifth judgment concentrated on the destruction of Gog and Magog.

Rev. 20:8-9


q      The sixth judgment dealt with Satan.

Rev. 20:10


q      The seventh judgment dealt with the wicked dead.

Rev. 20:11-15


·       The vision of John was brought to a conclusion by observing seven wonderful things.

v    A new heaven Rev. 21:1

v    A new earth     Rev. 21:2-8

v    A new city       Rev. 21:9-23

v    A new order of nations                                    Rev. 21:24-27

v    A river of life                                                  Rev. 22:1

v    A tree of life    Rev. 22:2

v    An eternal throne                                             Rev. 22:3-5


V.              Conclusion: The apostle John closed the Revelation with

v    Words of comfort       

Rev. 22:6-17


v    Words of confrontation

Rev. 22:18-19


v    Words of blessing

Rev. 22:20-21