Such a Great Salvation


Hebrews 2:3 how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?


Believe me, my hearers, I feel in my soul, as I look round upon you, the utmost longing for you all. Oh, that you did know my Lord and the peace he gives. It is years ago — three and twenty years or more —since I went to him I could not believe it possible that he would receive me. I felt myself too great a sinner. How should there be mercy for me? But I heard a sermon from the text, “Look unto me and be ye saved all ye ends of the earth! “I never understood it before, but when I came to understand that all I had to do was to look, oh, what a revelation it was to me! No feelings, no workings, no doings, no purchase-money demanded as a qualification. Christ on the cross was evidently set forth crucified before my eyes. I did but look, and I was saved; saved the moment I looked.


When I turned to the Scriptures I found that was just what the Scriptures said, “He that believeth in him is not condemned.” I did believe it, I did trust it, I did simply rest there. Neither shall I ever forget the rush of joyous feeling that went through my spirit, the cessation of long years of melancholy, bordering on despair, and the coming out into a clear light, which I thank God I have never lost, for, with all the troubles of this material life, I would not change places with any men that breathes, no, nor with the angels before God’s throne. The station and the privilege of angels will not bear comparison with the eternal dignities reserved for the saints. For an angel no redeemer ever died, and no angel will be able to sing, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain!