Mighty power of God's Saving Grace

Jesus saith unto them, "Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you." (Mat 21:31)

Many a time have I heard a man or woman say of such a one, “He cannot be saved: he is too abandoned. What is he good for? Ask him to go to a place of worship-he was drunk on Saturday night. What would be the use of reasoning with him; There is no hope for him. He is a hardened fellow. See what he has done these many years. What good will it be to speak to him? Now, hear this, ye who think your fellows worse than yourselves-ye who condemn others, whereas ye are often just as guilty: Jesus Christ says “many shall come from the east and west.” There will be many in heaven that were drunkards once. I believe, among that blood-bought throng, there are many who reeled in and out the tavern half their lifetime. But by the power of divine grace they were able to dash the liquor cup to the ground. They renounced the riot of intoxication-fled away from it-and served God. Yes! There will be many in heaven who were drunkards on earth. There will be many harlots: some of the most abandoned will be found there.

You remember the story of Whitfield’s once saying that there would be some in heaven who were “the devil’s castaways;” some that the devil would hardly think good enough for him, and yet whom Christ would save. Lady Huntingdon once gently hinted that such language was not quite proper. But just at the time there happened to be heard come a ring at the bell and Whitfield went down stairs. Afterwards he came up and said, “Your ladyship, what do you think a poor woman had to say to me just now? She was a sad profligate and she said, “O, Mr. Whitfield, when you were preaching you told us that Christ would take in the devil’s castaways and I am one of them,”