Prayer of Faith

Hebrews 11:6  And without faith it is impossible to please him

I heard a story a year or two ago about this very Tabernacle. The man who gave this history about himself said: “I and my wife were the most godless, wicked, and wretched couple upon the face of the earth. We cared neither for God nor man. We never went to church or chapel. One evening we were passing by the Tabernacle, and my wife said to me, ‘ Let us go in.’ I said, ‘ I have no objection to hear the nonsense talked.’“ They came in. Our friend was in his best vein, and you know what his best vein is. He touched upon the most solemn and serious things. When the man and his wife went home, the man said, “Sukey, did you hear what the preacher said?” She said, “I did. He has told us that we should go to hell if we did not pray.” “Do you ever pray?” “No,” said his wife. “Nor I,” said the man; “and I do not know how to do it.” “Oh,” said the wife, “by the by, there is our little Mary upstairs; she goes to Sunday-school, she will know how to pray.” Up they went. They woke the little child, and they said to her, “Mary, you must pray for father and mother.” And the little girl did pray for them; and what do you think was the declaration of the man? “Why, sir,” said he, “from that hour I was a changed man, and I now go to places of worship with all my heart and soul.”