Immutability of God

Our life is made up of changes. From childhood we hasten to youth, from youth we leap to manhood, from manhood we fade into old age; our changes are as many as our days. “The creature” is indeed in our case “made subject to vanity.” Lighter than a feather, more frail than the flower of the field, brittle as glass, fleeting as a meteor, tossed to and fro like a ball, and quenched as a spark — “Lord, what is man?” There cometh to us all in the time appointed the great and ultimate change in the which he spirit is separated from the body, to be followed by another in which the divided manhood shall be re-united; but with God there are no changes of this or any other kind. Hath he not declared, “I am God, I change not”? God is essentially and evermore pure Spirit, and consequently undergoes no variableness nor shadow of a turning. Of none of the creatures can this be said. Immutability is an attribute of God only. The things created were once new, they are waxing old, they will become older still; but the Lord hath no time, he dwelleth in eternity. There is no moment of beginning with the Eternal, no starting point from which to calculate age. From of old he was the Ancient of Days, “from everlasting to everlasting thou art God.”