115:1 Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!


IT is not often that a man may safely speak about his own humility. Humble men are mostly conscious of great pride, while those who are boastful of humility have nothing but false pretense, and really lack and want it.


When a man finds that God is with him, he may be base enough to glorify himself. He may have been very humble indeed when he began the battle, but there is one enemy there at his feet, and another has just been dashed down by a blow from his right hand, the Evil One whispers in his ear, “Thou hast done well; thou art doing well;” and then pride comes in and spoils all. That is a splendid psalm which begins, “Not unto us.” David thought it needful to say it twice. “Not unto us, O Lord! not unto us.” Then he deals the deathblow with the other sentence, “but unto thy name be all the gentry.” To sing that song when you are trampling on your foes; to sing that song when you are reaping the great harvest; to sing that song when God’s people are fed under your ministry; to sing that when you are going on from strength to strength, conquering and to conquer, will prove a healthy state of heart. Nothing but the most extraordinary grace can keep us in our right position while we are serving God, and God is honoring us. We are so inclined to filch his jewels from the crown to put them on our own breasts if we would not steal the diadem itself, yet we look with longing eyes upon it as if we would like to wear it if but a single moment. I have tight sometimes, how many Christians are like the son of Henry the Fourth who when his father lies asleep puts the crown on his head. You and I have done the same, we have forgotten God, he was to us as one that sleepeth, and we began to put the crown on our own head. Oh! fools that we were! Our time for crown wearing has not come. We do but anger our Father and bring grief into our spirits when we think of crowning ourselves instead of crowning him or worshipping our own image instead of bending before the Lord God Jehovah.