How to be Saved?


“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.." Acts 16:31


For you have never given yourselves to God. You are servants of Satan still, and you cannot serve God. O poor souls, do you know what it is that we want Christian people to be earnest about? Why, it is in order that you may be saved. We should not have much need of all this stirring up of Christians, if it were not for you. You are without God; you are without Christ. You are on your way to everlasting ruin, some of you; and some of you, too, who have heard the gospel for many years, and know as much about it as I do, though you know nothing about its power within your own souls. Is it not strange that while we are so much in earnest about you, you are not in earnest about yourselves?


And yet here is your soul, and there are full as many people in this venerable chapel to-night who feel anxious about you, and wish they could save you, yet you do not care about your own soul! Well, now, if you should be lost for ever, it will be no wonder, will it? You do not value yourself at anything. You throw yourself away. Who shall be blamed for this? O dear hearers, shall this be one of the thorns in your pillow forever? “I took no thought about my soul; I set no value upon it, but I carelessly cast it away”? Shall this keen remorse keep up the flame unquenchable that shall for ever torture your conscience: “I would not think of everlasting things; I played the fool, and danced my way into hell; I trifled where God was earnest; I was careless where ministers wept; I was frivolous where Christ bled”? Oh, I beseech you, consider your ways, and remember that whosoever believeth in the Lord Jesus Christ, shall be saved! Believe in him. Trust him. That is the way of salvation.