Help your Children to Understand


Acts 17:11 ......searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.


I heard a story once that I remember to have told before, of some young person going out of the place, and saying, “Well, I don’t like Mr. Spurgeon at all; he is so high in doctrine; he said so-and- so.” And then the young body quoted a text out of the Bible as a very wicked thing that I had said — something about the potter having power over the clay. So the friend who was with her said, “It was Paul said that, not Mr. Spurgeon.” “Ah !” said she “and I think the Apostle Paul was a great deal too high too.”


Well, we are very glad to incur censure of that sort, and will not at all object to go with Paul wherever he may go; but we do beseech you never at any time to take our bare saying for a thing, but always to turn to your Bible and see whether it is so! That is a good habit some Christian fathers have; when the boys and girls come home, they say “Well, now, what was the text?” And then the father wants them to tell over what the minister has said; and even the small boy knows something, and tells something or other that the minister said from the pulpit Then the father turns to his Bible to see whether these things be so. Then he endeavors to explain the hard things; so that they become like those noble Bereans, who were more noble than those of Thessalonica, because they searched the Scriptures, whether those things were so.