Confronting Sinners at an early age


Here is a story when C.H Spurgeon was only 6 years of age. Spurgeon’s grandfather was a pastor. One of the members of his grandfather’s church was causing his grandfather a lot of grief. Six year old Charles, saw how his grandfather was troubled because of one his member’s conduct. Charles told his grandfather,  “I will kill him” Then his grandfather said, “Hush! My dear, you must not talk like that, it’s very wrong you know, the police will take you if you talk like that.”  Little Spurgeon said, “I shall not do anything bad, but I will kill him though.” Then little Spurgeon disappeared for a while and came back to his grandfather and said. “I have killed him grandpa, you will not grieve anymore.”


Then the man who caused much grief to his grandpa appeared on the scene. He spoke to his grandpa, “I am very sorry, my dear pastor. I have caused you much grief and trouble because of my sin. It was very wrong I know. I was in the bar drinking my glass of beer, when your little grandson stepped in, he pointed the finger at me and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah! You are a member of my grandpa’s church, but sitting with the ungodly, you are breaking your pastor’s heart. I am ashamed of you! I wouldn’t break my pastor’s heart” The child walked away. Then my conscience was aroused, I was convicted of my sin, I asked God for forgiveness.” Then he never grieved his pastor anymore.