MP3/Sermon Notes on the Book of Acts

Sermon Notes are unedited

By Nick Bibile


Church History Introduction

Introduction to Acts

Purpose of Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Speaking of Tongues (At Pentecost)

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on All Nations

Pentecost Sermon

How to Worship God Acts 2:38-47 (Sunday Sept 26th 2010)

Miracle of Salvation Acts Chapter 3 (Sunday Oct 3rd 2010)

Boldness of Witnessing Acts 4:1-12 (Sunday Oct 10, 2010)

Why People hate the Name of Jesus? Acts 4:13-21 (Sunday Oct 17th 2010)

Prayer for Boldness Acts 4:23-31 (Sunday Oct 24th 2010)

Love in Action Acts 4:32-37 (Sunday Oct 31st 2010)

Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:1-11 (Sunday Nov 14th 2010)

Experiencing the Power of God Acts 5:12-16 (Sunday Nov 21st 2010)

Action is the Result of Obedience Acts 5:17-32 (Sunday Nov 28, 2010)

Fighting Against God or For God Acts 5:33-42 (Sunday Dec 12, 2010)

Fighting Against God or For God?  (Sermon Notes)
Acts 5:33-42

Taking Care of the Poor and the Needy (Sermon Notes)

Acts 6:1-7

Stephen and Saul (Sermon Notes)

Phillip and Simon (Sermon Notes)
Acts 8:1-11