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One of the goals of Agape Chapel Ministries is to provide Biblical growth materials freely as possible so the powerful force of God’s word will flow freely overcoming all obstacles.  We will be gradually adding Online Tracts and Booklets in pdf format.  It will be formatted in the same way as our original booklets.  If you have a printer you can print the booklets online, for reverse printing you need to check your printer settings.  You need to have Acrobat Reader to download the documents.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it free by ACROBAT READER.


 More instructions on Back-to-Back Printing.


The advantages


·          You do not have to wait for your booklets.

·          You can print any amount.

·          Instantly you can print a booklet.

·          You can reprint if your booklets are dirty.

·          Great for Evangelism.

·          Great for Bible Studies




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Calvin John – A Call To Witness

Glorious Message of the Gospel 


Anderson J.R – Living On Christ


Attack on America 


Adams James – Decisional Regeneration



Arnot William – A Law of the Christian Sabbath



Aront William – Harvest Field & Harvest Laborers



Arnot William – The Mediator Between God and Man



Arnot William – Adam a Type of Christ 



Arnot William – Life in Christ



Arnot William – Work of Christ Revival of Religion



J.R. Anderson – The Fountain Opened 



J.R. Anderson – The Ten Virgins 



J.R. Anderson – The Door of Salvation



 J.R. Anderson – The Gospel Reveal to Babes



Charles D. Alexander – Moses to Christ. Paul’s Reply to Dispensational Error



Sir Richard Baker – Meditations & Disquisitions on 113th Psalm



William Bates – God is. (Hebrews XI. 6)



Lewis Bayly – A Plain Description of the essence and Attributes of God.



Lewis Bayly – Meditations of The True Manner of Practicing Piety on The Sabbath Day



Richard Bennett - Fatima Roman John Paul 2 & Roman Catholic Church Contradict Gospel



Richard Bennett – The Biblical Gospel and the Gospel of Roman Catholicism



Hugh Binning - Predestination



Hugh Binning – Christian Religion God’s Glory Chief End of Man’s Being



Hugh Binning -The Decrees of God



Hugh Binning – Scriptures Reveal Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ




John Blair – Observation on Regeneration




Horatius Bonar – The Blood of the Covenant



Charles Alexander – Moses or Christ, Paul’s reply to Dispensationalism



Richard Alleine – A Heart of Flesh 



 Richard Alleine – Christ in the Covenant



Richard Alleine – The Earth in the Covenant



Arthur Allen – The Decrees of God



William Ames – Definition or Nature of Theology



John M’Donald-Mariollatry


Ralph Erskine -Christ’s Quickening Voice