Some information about the CDs

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These CDs are in audio format and can be played in most car/home cd players. They are not MP3 or Real Media Files. Each CD contains one (1) sermon.

They are recorded from our original Audio Tape recordings, so they will still contain some of the audio imperfections of the original recordings. We are a small ministry and we do not have the time or manpower to fully edit and enhance the audio quality. Some minor editing or enhancement may have been done, however.

Because these CDs are created on CD-R blank CDs, we cannot guarantee that they will play on older CD players. They should play on most newer modern CD players.

Some CD Orders may require a little extra time to process, because we are still in the process of transferring our sermons to CDs, and sermons you request may not be transferred yet. We will transfer your sermons as we recieve the order. We appreciate your patience.

To listen to some of our sermons in MP3 or REAL Audio streaming, CLICK HERE.

We hope these sermons are a blessing to you. Please contact us with comments or problems at audio min e-mail.