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Bible should not be interpreted according to the popular view, our thoughts, what people would like to hear, all books, all systems should be conform to the Bible as the Word of God is the final authority.


 Today many are putting their opinions into the scriptures, some are twisting the word of God, playing gymnastics with the word of God. Do not believe what ever that comes from the pulpit, or whatever you read or hear, test all things through scripture, test the context of the passage, hold on to the truth. Pray for discernment.

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Doctrine and Theology

Basic Principles of Christianity. Questions and Answer format.

By C.H. Spurgeon

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bullet Existence of God  
bullet Evidence of the Creator God
bullet Knowing God
bullet Is Doctrine Important?
bullet God-Man Christ Jesus
bullet Humiliation of Christ
bullet Imputation of Christ Jesus
bullet Reconciliation
bullet Why did Jesus come?
bullet Resurrection of Christ Jesus
bullet Born Again - (Regeneration. )
bullet Holiness of God
bullet Sin
bullet Original Sin (Notes)
bullet The Result of the Original Sin
bullet Repentance
bullet What comes first, regeneration or faith?
bullet Effectual Calling
bullet Elements of the Gospel
bullet Wrath of God
bullet Christ appeased the wrath of God. PDF format.
bullet Satisfaction of Christ Jesus
bullet Covenant of Works
bullet Plan of Salvation is of a Covenant
bullet Covenant of Redemption Part One.   (Broken link fixed)
bullet Covenant of Redemption Part Two.    (Broken link fixed)
bullet Why Did Jesus Come?
bullet Christ Appeased the Wrath of God
bullet Trinity

Stanford Murrell's Collection (click to open)

C.D. Cole

Volume I - The Doctrine of God
Volume II - Sin-Salvation-Service
Volume III - The New Testament Church
The Bible Doctrine Of Election
Heavenly Hope
Divine Order of the Sexes
Eternal Punishment
Lectures In Biblical Theology Of The New Testament

A.W. Pink

Pink's Archive

Video Series (Third Millennium Ministries)

by Dr. Richard L. Pratt Jr. Video

bullet What is theology?
bullet Exploring Christian Theology
bullet Relying on Revelation
bullet Authority in Theolgoy

Miscellaneous Sermons and Articles (click to open)

bullet Our Protestant Roots
bullet Free will of man?
bullet Hyper Calvinism
bullet The nature of the fallen man 1 (Carnal Nature of Man)
bullet The nature of the fallen man 2. (Natural man cannot love God)
bullet The Nature of the fallen man 3. (Natural man cannot worship the true God)
bullet The nature of the fallen man 4. (Is the Natural man morally dead or morally sick?)
bullet The nature of the fallen man 5 (Religious Hypocrisies of the natural man)
bullet The nature of the fallen man 6. (God's restraining grace to the natural man)
bullet The nature of the fallen man 7. (Why the natural man cannot come to Christ?)
bullet The nature of the fallen man 8. (Over view)
bullet Unconditional Election 1. (Background and meaning.)
bullet Unconditional Election 2. (Foreknowledge)
bullet Foreknowledge of God
bullet Unconditional Election 3. (Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.)
bullet Sovereignty of God in Salvation
bullet Reprobation. (Why does God elects some and leave others)
bullet Unconditional Election 4. (Does God elects people on the basis of our faith?)
bullet Grace Alone Series
bullet Limited Atonement 1. (God's Covenant, man's sin)
bullet Limited Atonement 2. (Meaning of atonement.)
bullet Limited Atonement 3. (Propitiation what does it mean?)
bullet Limited Atonement 4. (Covenant of Grace and the elect.)
bullet Limited Atonement 5.(Objections to limited atonement)
bullet Can you fall away from the love of God?
bullet Justified by Faith Alone
bullet Dispensationalism
bullet When Did God Chose the Believer?
bullet Predestination  (It's in the Bible)
bullet Redemption
bullet Can you lose your Salvation?
bullet The Power of God in Salvation 1
bullet The Power of God in Salvation 2
bullet What Comes First, Faith or Regeneration?
bullet Is there Human Cooperation in Salvation?
bullet Salvation is of Grace ALONE
bullet Faith is the Channel of Grace of God
bullet God's Grace from the Beginning to the End
bullet If you are a Christian God Chose you, you did not choose God
bullet Predestination
bullet Wisdom of God Revealed According to His Decrees
bullet Mystery of His Will and God's Decrees
bullet Believer is Sealed with the Holy Spirit
  • Evangelism


    bullet Download free tract for evangelism
    bullet Glorious Message of the Gospel
    bullet Elements of the Gospel
    bullet First Ever Gospel Message Delivered
    bullet The Big Picture of the Gospel
    bullet Gospel of our Salvation
    bullet God Can Forgive the Greatest Sinner.
    bullet How can a sinful man go to heaven?
    bullet How we are saved
    bullet What is the greatest thing that happened in your life?
    bullet Spiritual Growth and Evangelism
    bullet Does God Loves Everyone?
    bullet John 3:16 - God So Loved the World
    bullet The Gospel of your Salvation
    bullet Gospel Short Version
    bullet Nicodemus Secret Meeting with Jesus on the Kingdom of God
    bullet Passion for Souls

    Ten Commandments


    bullet An Introduction to the 10 Commandments
    bullet The Law Giver and the Obedience to Him
    bullet Christ and the law
    bullet Thou shall have no other gods before me.  Part one
    bullet Image Worship Part two
    bullet Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain
    bullet Is the Fourth Commandment Applicable to the Church Today?
    bullet Sabbath Day Points to the Lord of the Sabbath
    bullet Legalism and the Sabbath
    bullet The Christian Sabbath Day is Sunday
    bullet Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy
    bullet The Lord of the Sabbath
    bullet Has God Abolished the Christian Sabbath?
    bullet Honoring your Father and Mother
    bullet Thou Shall Not Kill
    bullet Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery
    bullet Stealing
    bullet Bad Mouth and a Bad Ear
    bullet Covetousness


    Christian Living

    bullet Fear of the Lord Part 1
    bullet Part 2
    bullet Part 3
    bullet Obedience
    bullet Comfort Zone
    bullet True Christian Check to see if you are a True Christian
    bullet Christian Love
    bullet Christian Love is Kind and Does Good to Others.
    bullet Christian Love Does Not Behave in Pride But in Humility.  (broken link fixed)
    bullet Result of our Calling is Humility
    bullet Result of our Calling is godliness
    bullet Love is not thinking evil
    bullet Fellowship with God
    bullet Humility
    bullet Inner Strength of the Christian
    bullet We must go through much tribulation to enter the kingdom of God
    bullet Sincere Attitude of Prayer
    bullet An advise to the stronger Christians
    bullet Living Sacrifice
    bullet Spiritual Warfare
    bullet Anointed By God
    bullet Judging your brother.
    bullet Make no provision for the flesh
    bullet Spiritual Warfare
    bullet Redeeming the Time
    bullet Laboring for the Lord
    bullet Give No Opportunity to the Devil
    bullet Sleeping Saints
    bullet Leaning on Jesus Bosom
    bullet Christ Jesus is Altogether Lovely
    bullet Pilgrim Road of the Christian
    bullet Pilgrim Road of the Christian Part 2
    bullet Sanctification Part 1
    bullet Sanctification Part 2
    bullet Christian Growth and Service in Love  (Broken link fixed)
    bullet The Result of our Calling
    bullet Abiding in Christ Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
    bullet Part 5  Part 6 
    bullet Christian Love  Part 4  Part 7 Part 8
    bullet The Sweetness of Christ
    bullet Unsearchable Riches of Christ
    bullet Purpose of the Christian
    bullet The Importance of Family Worship

     Miscellaneous Topics


    bullet Creation Evidence
    bullet Eternal Torments of Hell
    bullet Hell is Real
    bullet If God is Love, Why is there Hell?
    bullet Judgment Day
    bullet Protestant Roots
    bullet Pretenders
    bullet The body of Christ
    bullet Prophecy. (True Prophet of God.)
    bullet Message to America
    bullet Rise and Fall of America
    bullet From the Dunghill to the Mansion
    bullet Thy Will be Done
    bullet There is Power in True Christian Unity
    bullet Christian and Christmas
    bullet Greatest Enemy and the Best Friend
    bullet Rapture of the Church Part 1   (Broken link fixed)
    bullet Rapture of the Church Part 2
    bullet Rapture of the Church Part 3
    bullet Worldly Entertainment Church
    bullet Contentment in photos
    bullet Spiritual Blessings
    bullet The Mystery of His Will
    bullet Our Inheritance
    bullet Spiritual Understanding is from the Heart
    bullet Christ's Authority and Power
    bullet Believers Union with Christ. The Radical Change
    bullet Church Discipline and Excommunication
    bullet Pastor's Prayer for the Body of Church
    bullet Gifts of Grace 1     Part 2
    bullet Equipping the Church 1   Part 2
    bullet Unity in the Church 1     Part 2     Part 3 (True Christianity)
    bullet Speak the Truth in Love
    bullet Sweetness of Christ
    bullet Spiritual Attack on America
    bullet Noah the rest from corruption
    bullet A Taste of Heaven
    bullet How to deal with problems in the Church
    bullet Spiritual Discernment
    bullet The Mystery of Melchizedek



    bullet Intercessory Prayer   (broken link fixed)
    bullet How Do We Approach God?
    bullet Praying for Spiritual Growth 1
    bullet Praying for Spiritual Growth 2
    bullet Praying for Spiritual Growth 3
    bullet Praying for Spiritual Growth 4



    bullet Inspiration of the Bible PDF format (Who put the New Testament together)
    bullet Christ and the Bible
    bullet How to Read the Bible
    bullet Scripture Reading

    Bible Study Notes

    bullet Different Views of God
    bullet Author of the Pentateuch
    bullet God's Divine Revelation
    bullet God's Divine Revelation in the Old Testament
    bullet God's Divine Revelation in the New Testament
    bullet Authentication of the Old Testament
    bullet Preservation of the Old Testament
    bullet Moral Attributes of God
    bullet The Righteousness of God
    bullet Holiness of God
    bullet Justice of God


    False Religions/Cults/Apologetics

    bullet Roman Catholic Church the Mother of Harlots
    bullet Pope and Christianity
    bullet Questions on Roman Catholicism
    bullet False Religions
    bullet Islam
    bullet Are All Religions the Same?
    bullet Are All Religions the Same? (Part Two)
    bullet False Prophets

    Book of Acts Highlights

    Part 1
























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