As Gnosticism became a great threat to the Church throughout the second century another deception crept into the Church that is called Marcionism.   Marcion was brought up in a Christian home as his father was the bishop of Sinope in Pontus.  He was convinced that the material world is evil and he was anti Jewish in his teachings. However he was able to gather many followers within the Church and deceived many into error.  Marcion believed that Jehovah and God are two separate persons.  The Fatherís purpose was to have a spiritual world, but Jehovah out of his ignorance and evil intent created this material world and made man. Jehovah is vindictive and constantly punishes who would disobey him. As a result Marcion did not believe in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament was by an inferior god and it should not be read in the Church.

On the other hand the Father God is not vindictive but a loving, compassionate and the forgiving supreme God.  He sent his Son, Jesus to save man  He gives salvation freely. Marcion denied that Jesus had a real body and denied his deity. Jesus came to deal with sin. Marcion wrote a gospel in  A. D. 130 and called it the gospel of the Lord.  It is very deceiving as it contains scriptures identical to the gospels.  Also he compiled a list of books that should be read in the church. He included the epistles of Paul and with regarding Paulís reference to the Old Testament that was the work of the Judaizers taking away the original message.  Marcion attempted to compile a New Testament.  Marcion was ex-communicated and the church responded his challenge by compiling the sacred writings of the apostles.