Agape Chapel Ministries, Sunday School Bible Study Notes

by Nick Bibile


Holiness of God


Hebrew word for, Ďto be holyí is quadash comes from the root word, qad, which means to cut or to separate. This applies primarily to God. Same idea is found in N.T words hagiazo and hagios.


Holiness of God can be divided into three.


  1. Its Nature.2. Ethical Aspect. 3. Manifestation


Godís nature in holiness


God in his nature is holy. He is absolutely distinct from all his creatures. Angels are holy but Godís holiness in his nature is above the angels. This is one of his transcendental attributes. (Beyond the reach of ordinary, we cannot even comprehend as itís beyond our reach of understanding) Holiness is his supreme perfection. He is holy in everything that reveals in him. In the O.T a persons name signifies something to his nature. In the same way Godís name is holy.


Ex 15:11

1 Sam 2:2

Isa 57:15

Ps 111:9

John 17:11


Ethical Aspect of his holiness


This is relating to morals.