December 20, 2009

Sunday School, Bible Study. Agape Chapel Ministries, Philippines. 

By Nick Bibile


Divine Revelation Old Testament


God reveals himself only in Christ (Matt, 11: 27). The theophany is therefore more accurately defined as a Christophany, or an epiphany of God in Christ.

Epiphany, Greek epiphaneia, remember the word phaneroo – manifest. Epiphaneia means appearance, closely linked to phaneroo, manifest. Same meaning.

No one has seen God. John 1:18 Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. 1 Tim 2:5


 Pre-patriarchal age.


Patriarch -  The father and ruler of a family or tribe, as one of the founders of the ancient Hebrew families: in the Bible, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s twelve sons were patriarchs.

Latin word pater means father.


Pre-patriarchal age – Pre means before, before Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

God spoke directly to Adam, probably a manlike form, Gen 2:16-17;3:8, God spoke to Cain Gen 4:6-12. God spoke to Noah Gen 6:13-21. God spoke to Noah’s sons Gen 9:1,8)


Patriarchal times.

God revealed himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob in his covenant promises. Revealed through theophanies. Manifestation of God to man. Theo – God. Phainomai – to appear.

Angel of the Lord – Gen 16:7-13; 28:13. Spoke through visions (vision comes from the word video where you can see) Gen 12:7;15:1;12: 26:24

Two types of dreams. Direct revelation and symbolic dreams with divine interpretation.  Direct revelations Gen 15:12;20:3-6 :  28:12; 31:10-11; 46:2.  Symbolic dreams Gen 37:5-6,10: 40:5-16: 41:1-5)


Mosaic period (Exodus through Deuteronomy)

Theophanic media. (Media, medium, a way of transmission of communication)  Burning bush (Exod 3:2), a pillar of cloud and fire. (Exod 13:21-22)

Visions. Numbers 22:20.

God speaking to Moses – Numbers 12:6-8; Deut 18:18;

Moses recorded things that God told him.  (Exod 17:14; 24;4-7; 34:27 ; Num 33:2, Deut 31:9,24 see John 5:46-47)

At the mountain Moses received the book of the covenant also the book of the law. Exod 24:7; Deut 31:26

Urim and Thummim also became a medium for discerning the Lord’s will. Urim and Thummim were gemstones that were carried by the High Priest of Israel on the ephod / priestly garments. They were used by the High Priest to determine God's will in some situations. Exod 28:30 Num27:21

Moses was the author of Psalm 90



Divine Revelation Old Testament


  1. Age of the conquest to (Joshua to Ruth)
  2. Line Callout 1: Age of the prophets (Acts 3:24)United Kingdom
  3. Divided Kingdom
  4. 9th Century to 5th Century

Line Callout 1: Gideon
Also called Jerubbaal (Judg. 6:29, 32), was the first of the judges whose history is circumstantially narrated (Judg. 6-8) Gideon received a direct call from God to undertake the task of delivering the land from these warlike invaders. He was of the family of Abiezer (Josh. 17:2; 1 Chr. 7:18), and of the little township of Ophrah (Judg. 6:11). Ten of his servants, he overthrew the altars of Baal and cut down the asherah which was upon it. Gideon had 22,000 men to fight against the Midianites, God reduced to 300, showed the power of God. (Judg 7:4-7)




Joshua to Ruth

God spoke directly to Joshua. (Joshua 1:7-8 8:30-35)               

Judges – Spoke to Gideon (Judges 6:12)

Midianite soldier ( Judges 7:13-15)


Line Callout 1: Midianites
Came from Midian, 4th Son of Abraham through Keturah (Gen. 25:2; 11 1 Chr. 1:32).
United Kingdom

God spoke to David (1 Sam 23:2-4)  

(wrote about 73 pslams, two Pslams of Solomon)

God spoke to Solomon.  (1 Kings 3:5 9:2; 2 Chro 7:12)

God spoke to prophets such as Nathan (2 Sam 7:4-17; 12:1-14 1 Chro 17:3)


Divided Kingdom

God spoke through prophets such as Ahijah (1 Kings 11:29-39; 14:6-16) Shemaiah ( 1 Kings 12:22-24) Elijah ( 1 Kings 17: 3-4;9;18:1;19:1-15;21:17-19; 2 Chro 21:12-19) Micaiah (1 Kings 22:17-28) and Elisha (2 Kings 2-13)  Ezk 3:27


9th Century to 5th Century (900 B.C to 500 B.C)

9th Century prophets – Obadiah and Joel.

8th Century prophets – Jonah, Amos, Hosea, Micah and Isaiah.

7th Century prophets – Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk and Jeremiah.

6th Century prophets – Daniel, Ezkiel, Haggai and Zachariah.

5th Century – Malachi

God also spoke to Nebuchadnezzar through dreams.


God instructed several prophets to preserve the writings. (Isa 8:1; 30:8 Jer 25:13; 30:1-2; 36:2 27-28;  Ezk 24:1-2 43:11 Dan 9:2; 12:4 Hab 2:2. See also 2 Tim 3:16; 2 Pet 1:20-21)


Sometimes they really didn’t want to speak God’s word, yet God’s hand was so heavy upon them which they spoke against their human desire. (Exod 3:11 4:10-13; Jer 1:6; 20:9;  Isa 8:11 ; Jonah Chapter 1   3:2