Agape Chapel Ministries


Sunday School Bible Study


By Nick Bibile


Godís Divine Revelation


Meaning of revelation is that something hidden in the past now made known.


Revelation Process


Read Hebrews 1:1-2


In the O. T God revealed himself in various ways. (We will see more on this in our study) Also by the spoken words of the prophets. (we will see more later) But in these last days God revealed through his Son.


To make known is a verb (Do something to make known)Revelation is to make known by removing any obstacles.

Few Scriptures in the O.T

Ps 98:2The word reveal in Hebrew is yada. Also Ps 25:4


N.T to reveal in Greek is apokulupto. Few scriptures Mat 11:25; Rom 1:17; Mat 16:17

Greek word apokalypsis means revelation. It is to unveil. Veil is a curtain that is covered that you cannot see the other side, it is hidden. Also covering your face with a cloth is having a veil on your face so your features will be hidden.To unveil has the meaning that was a secret before, hidden before now made known.


There is another Greek word that is found in the N.T phaneroo, means to manifest. It means something that was difficult to understand or not so visible but now made clearly visible, understood with facts.John 17:61 John 1:2†† 1 Tim 3:161 John 3:5


What did God reveal?


His existence. His nature. His moral laws and instructions to man. His glory, his creation, his wisdom and power, his mighty acts in history. His Son. All these are revealed in the word of God.


Romans 1:20Ps 19:1-3( we will see later more)


Spurgeonís quotes


              This sacred Book, which we commonly call the Bible, contains the mind of God, so far as he has seen fit to reveal it to men.

              Believe the divine revelation. Be it your prayer that you may so understand the Lordís statutes as fully to accept them by faith