Pastors/Leadership One Day Seminar

Cebu, Philippines 2009

Doctrines of Grace

Pastors/Leaders attended from the following Denominations

Mizpah Fellowship, Christian Fellowship, FVOZ, Voice of Zion, Assemblies of God, CAMACOP, Jesus Christ is Coming Soon, Church of our Savior, Balamban Baptist Church, Jesus Christ is Lord, Asturias Christian Survivor, The Jesus Church, House of Praise, Visayas Vineyard Christian Church, Christ Rescue Mission, Missionary Baptist Church, Unity Church, Freedom in Christ/Calvary Chapel.


Cebuano worship songs by Agape Chapel Ministries Singers (MP3)

Cebuano Songs on Part 1   Part 2   Part 3


Pastors/Leaders Seminar 2009 Philippines -     Free MP3    (Download to your PC, mp3 players and burn CD's )

 Introduction by Pastor Jay-R (Cebuano and English Language)

Original Sin Part 1(English)

Original Sin Part 2

 Total Depravity/Natural Man Cannot come to God  Part 1    Part 2

 Freedom of the Will  Part 1    Part 2

Effectual Call  Part 1   Part 2

Regeneration Part 1   Part 2

Active Obedience of Christ  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

Imputation of Christ

Passive Obedience of Christ  Part 1   Part 2

Hymn There is a Fountain Filled with Blood

Infinite Power of God  Part 1   Part 2

Sovereignty of God  Part 1   Part 2     MP3

Election/Foreknowledge of God    Part 2

Election Romans 9 Jacob and Esau   Part 2

Meaning of Grace

Election is of Grace Alone    Part 2

Christ Died for the Church (Particular Atonement)   Part 2 

Evangelism Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Importance of Prayer


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