Our corrupt hearts can find poison in the very flowers of paradise.  Vol 8 page 1


To be happy, I say, we must go forward. Forward is the sunlight! Forward is victory! Forward is heaven! Forward is Christ!  Vol 8 page 5


Even the enemies of Jesus said of him, “never man spoke like this man,” the unrighteous judge said of Jesus, “I find no fault in him.”


Absence from Christ is hell but presence with Christ is heaven. Vol 8 page 7


Distrust in God is the egg out of which many a mischief is hatched.  Vol 8 page 15


Poverty does not necessarily involve sorrow, nor do riches bring peace or happiness.  Vol 8 page 15-16


Peter is fishing, Christ needs a pulpit to preach. He borrows Peter’s boat and preaches in it. Well, what about Peter’s fishing? Oh the Master will take care of that, for no sooner Christ finished the sermon, he said to Peter, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Peter gets more fish in ten minutes than he might have done in ten weeks if he had been fishing on his own account.  Leave your cares with God and cares for him.  (Charles Spurgeon)


"Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength"


"If any of you should ask me for an epitome of the Christian religion, I should say that it is in one word- Prayer. Live and die without prayer, and you will pray long enough when you get to hell."


"By perseverance the snail reached the ark."


Repentance is a blessed grace and to be convinced of sin by God the Holy Spirit is a holy privilege.


Oh! Boaster, thy free will is a lie. It is not man that chooses God, but God that chooses man. Christ said, “You have not chosen me but I have chosen you.” He said to the ungodly multitude, “You will not come unto me that you might have life.” In which he gave the death blow to all ideas of free will, when he declared that man will not come to him that he might have life. When he said again in another place as it that were not enough, “No man can come unto me except the Father which sent me draw him.”  (Charles Spurgeon on the Sermon Grace exalted boasting excluded)


You may say, “Sir, I have never attended the house of God, and up to this time I have been a thief and a drunkard.” Well, you stand today on the same level as the most moral sinner and the most honest unbeliever in the matter of salvation. They are lost since they believe not and so are you. If the most honest be saved, it will not be their honesty but by the free grace of God. (Charles Spurgeon)


Thomas Boston


Christian growth is upwards and downwards. Grow upwardly in heavenly mind ness and contempt of this world and grows downwardly in humility. (Thomas Boston)


Faith is always followed by good works. (Thomas Boston)


Whoever united in Christ bring forth the fruit of the gospel, obedience and holiness.  The fruits of holiness will be found in his outward conversation for he has clean hands as well as a pure heart.


Hypocrisy is like a leak  in the ship that will certainly sink.


The power of godliness will rule over the tongue.


When Israelites were lusting after the meat but their souls were not getting fed but got lean.


We must refuse the cravings of the world in order our souls will prosper.


Although the believers are imperfect yet accepted in Christ Jesus because of the righteousness of Christ.


Sometimes the Christians are hit by stormy winds from hell, we may get hurt, sometimes moved but cannot be removed as we are secure in Christ Jesus.