St.Mary temple of Isas female deity had  a supernatural baby – Doctrine of Mary picture looks exactly the same.  (Vatican Library)


Temple of Jupiter St John’s Church


Mother and the mistress of all churches of the city and of the world.  Palace of the Pope till 14th century.


Holy Stairs, Angels brought this from Jerusalem. Crawling up the stairs to get a spiritual blessing.  Aricular confession. Confession in the ear to the priest.


St Peter’s Square, pope lives.


Stature of Peter with a silver foot, where people come and kiss his foot.


Vatican Museum, gods and goddesses. Bachas, Diana.


Main Jesuit Church there is a marble image of Mary casting Luther from heaven.


Perform the mass they hold the cup  of gold.


St Mary’s church on the ceiling Jesus crowning Mary  as the queen of heaven.

Out side of that church there is Mary with Jesus.


Immorality – Pope John 12th, Benedict 9th was a murderer and adulterer.

Immoral Popes.


Luther said if there be a hell Rome is built over it.


Pope Symmachus (498-514) was a fornicator. a regular lover, named Conditria and cheated the fund of the church. Italian bishops discussed the charges of fornication and cheating of money. But came to the decision that as pope no human court could try him.

Pope Sergius (in office 687-701) who wanted to become pope so badly that he offered a bribe, one hundred gold pieces, to the emperor's representative to Italy.


Pope Stephen VII (VI) (in office 896-897). He charged his predicesor (Pope Formosus

) who was dead. trial was arranged against Pope Formosus who was dead, they dug out his dead body and he was charged guilty , of coveting the papal throne. The corpse was stripped and the three fingers of its right hand chopped off. The body was then finally flung off into the River Tiber.


John XII (in office 955-964) was the person who initiated the tradition of changing names upon elevation to the throne. He went after every woman he could find. He was reputed to have slept with his niece, his father’s ex-lover and even his own mother! He died the way he lived; from a heart attack while making love to a married woman.


Pope Gregory IX (in office 1227-1241). Gregory was the pope who established the infamous Inquisition. In 1231 Gregory extended the legislation against heretics making them liable to the death penalty, which at that time, was to be burnt at the stake. In fact, the death penalty became mandatory for those who were condemned by the Inquisition for heresy.


Pope Sixtus IV (in office 1471-1484)

He was involved in murder and he was dragged into war. Rome's financial resources were drained due to the war. Sixtus was the first pope to license the prostitution in Rome, prostitution brought a large income to the papacy. He introduced the of sale of indulgence for the dead. Thus living relatives of the dead, eager to help their loved ones in purgatory dug deep into their pockets to reduced the dead’s suffering.


Pope Innocent VIII (1484-1492) illegitimate children by marrying them off into princely families.


Alexander VI (in office 1492-1503) both before and after he became pope had countless number of mistresses through which he fathered at least ten children.


Leo X (in office 1513-1521) The city of less than fifty thousand had seven thousand registered prostitutes! A large part of his income also came from the licensed brothels in Rome.


Pope Julius III (in office 1550-1555) a lover of pleasure, a glutton and a heavy gambler.


Pope Alexander VIII (in office 1689-1691) with the rise of Protestantism, popes behavior began to improve.