Lords Day Service on the Book of Ephesians (un-edited)

By Pastor Nick Bibile

Korean Presbyterian Church
Main Sanctuary
19319 Carmenita Road, Cerritos, CA 90703
Service Begins at 3:00 PM. (English Service)

Phone 562-412-6711



Chapter one


Verse 1-3 Why is it only in Christianity God is called the Father? The real spiritual blessings.


Verse 4 Did God chose us by on a foreseen act of man and on the basis of man choosing God or by the grace of God alone? The meaning of foreknowledge and effectual calling.


Verse 5-6 Why did God predestine us and on what basis did predestine us?


Verse 7-8 Sin and redemption


Verse 9-11 Why did God Jacob over Esau, Paul over Pilate?


Verse 12-13a -Mystery of Gods will revealed as the gospel came to the gentiles. Gospel of entertainment.


Verse 13b How are we righteous before God. The sealing of the Holy Spirit.


Verse 14 Earnest Inheritance.


Verse 15 17 - Why is it that faith and love goes together?


Verse 18 The heart of our understanding. Effectual calling.


Verse 19 The power of God in salvation


Verse 20 The power of God was manifested in the resurrection of Christ


Verse 21-23 What is Christ Jesus doing now at the right hand of God?


Chapter Two


Verse 1


Verse 2-3


Verse 4-5


Verse 6-7 Union with Christ


Verse 8-9 Saved by Grace Alone Part 1

Grace Alone Part 2


Verse 10 Gods Grace from the Beginning to the End