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Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1898-1981) this man of God was born in Wales and at the age of 13 moved to London in 1914. It was here that he as trained for a medical career and was associated with the famous Doctor Thomas Horder. During his medical years he was a much sought after physician and was well respected in his field.
   He abandoned his medical career for the Gospel ministry, and served a pastor at the Presbyterian Church at Sandfields from 1927 to 1938. His teachings were respected by many including G. Campbell Morgan. He was offered and accepted the post as associate pastor under Dr. Morgan in 1938.
   In 1943 when Dr. Morgan retired he succeeded him as Pastor of Westminster Chapel. His teaching attracted many and his lectures on Friday night where attended by a wide range of the populous. He was loved and admired for his dedication to the scriptures. Her retired in 1968, but was much sought after until his death.
   I can truly say his teachings have influenced my life. For a better biography of this man of God I have a link for you to review, http://www.mlj.org.uk/biog.html.

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