A Study Guide




Survey of the Old Testament




Stanford E. Murrell


Based on the Writing of

Matthew Henry








Study Guide Questions


Survey of the Old Testament


Extracted from the writings of

Matthew Henry



Chapter 1



1.        Why is the term “testament” or “covenant” used to describe the Bible?

2.        What does the word “Pentateuch” refer to?

3.        List the threefold description of the Scriptures according to Jesus.

4.        When was Genesis written?

5.        List six things the book of Genesis introduces.



Chapter 2


1.        In what two ways was Moses a servant of the Lord?

2.        What does the term “exodus” mean?”

3.        Give the spiritual significance of the term “exodus.”

4.        State the two major divisions of the book.

5.        What New Testament passage states that Moses wrote of Christ?



Chapter 3


1.        What three historical accounts are recalled in Leviticus?

2.        What do the ecclesiastical laws regulate?

3.        Where does the term “Leviticus” come from and what does it mean?

4.        Does Leviticus suggest that there is a proper way to worship the Lord? Explain.

5.        How might a New Testament believer apply the teachings found in Leviticus?



Chapter 4


1.        What is the origin of the title of the book and why is it so named?

2.        How many times was the Exodus Generation numbered and where?

3.        What is contained in the historical part of the book?

4.        What did the laws set forth in Numbers regulate?

5.        Give the spiritual application of this book to Christians today.





Chapter 5


1.        What major event is recorded in the last chapter of this book?

2.        What does the word “Deuteronomy” signify?

3.        Why was the Law repeated?

4.        State one attribute of God manifested by the giving of the Law.

5.        State one spiritual application of Deuteronomy.

6.        List three ways the book was to be magnified and honored.

7.        In which chapter is a song sung?

8.        How much time is covered in the book?

9.        How should the last words of a person be treated?

10.   How did Jesus use this book of the Bible?



Chapter 6


1.        List some of the “lost” books of the Bible.

2.        Who might be the author of Joshua?

3.        In what three ways is Joshua shown to be the leader of Israel?

4.        How is the providence of God revealed?

5.        How is Joshua a type of Christ?



Chapter 7


1.        How many years are covered in Judges?

2.        List 12 of the Judges of Israel.

3.        How many tribes are represented by the Judge?

4.        Characterize the Judges of Israel.

5.        Describe the government of Israel during the days of the Judges.

6.        What was the name of the woman who judged Israel?

7.        Spiritually, who was the true king of Israel?

8.        In Hebrews 4:12, who are the four judges honored?

9.        Ho might be the author of the book of Judges?

10.   What should a Christian be thankful for?




Chapter 8


1.        Who might have written Ruth?

2.        What is the design of the book?

3.        Give the most important descendant of Ruth.

4.        What does Ruth typify?

5.        What city is the setting for the story of Ruth?


1 Samuel

Chapter 9


1.        Describe the contents of 1 and 2 Samuel.

2.        What is the title of those works in the Latin Vulgate?

3.        What is the title of those works in the Septuagint?

4.        Who is the author of these works?

5.        What official position did Eli and Samuel hold in the nation?


2 Samuel

Chapter 10


1.        Who were the enemies of David?

2.        Against whom did David ultimately sin?

3.        What was the sin of Ammon? (chapter 13)

4.        Who was Absalom and what did he do?

5.        For what sin of David did thousands of Israelites die? (chapter 24)


1 Kings

Chapter 11


1.        Who was Solomon?

2.        What caused the nation of Israel to be divided?

3.        Describe the character of the kings of Judah.

4.        What did David want to build for the Lord?

5.        Who was Elijah and what are some of the miracles he performed? (chapters 17-19)


2 Kings

Chapter 12


1.        How did Elijah leave earth? (chapters 1-2)

2.        List some of the miracles of Elisha. (chapters 3-7)

3.        Compare and contrast Hazael and Jehu.

4.        Describe the reign of Hezekiah. (chapters 18-20)

5.        Who was the king that destroyed Jerusalem? (chapters 24-25)



1 Chronicles

Chapter 13


1.        Who is the author of the Chronicles?

2.        According to legend what happened to the Law?

3.        When were the Chronicles written?

4.        Describe the contents of the Chronicles.

5.        What preparations did David make for the building of the Temple? (chapters 22-29)


2 Chronicles

Chapter 14


1.        List four empires that once ruled the world.

2.        Who was Rehoboam? (chapters 10-12)

3.        What great spiritual lesson is to be learned from the lives of the kings?

4.        List the books of the Bible written after the Babylonian captivity.

5.        What is one thing that the Christian can be certain of concerning the Bible?



Chapter 15


1.        What is the theme of Ezra?

2.        What does the book of Ezra foreshadow?

3.        What troubles did the Jew meet with when they returned to Jerusalem? (chapters 3-6)

4.        What did Ezra force many men to do? (chapters 9-10)

5.        What was the result of this action on family units?



Chapter 16


1.        Name three famous Greeks who lived during the days of Nehemiah?

2.        Who was the ruler of Persia?

3.        What government office did Nehemiah hold and for how long?

4.        By what authority did Nehemiah go to Jerusalem?

5.        Describe his religious reforms. (chapter 13)



Chapter 17


1.        In what passage is the name of God mentioned?

2.        What does the Feast of Purim commemorate? (chapter 9:20)

3.        Who is the author of this book?

4.        Who was Esther?

5.        Describe the death of Haman. (chapters 5-7)




Chapter 18


1.        Who is the human author of this Divine narrative?

2.        What is the evidence that Job was a real person?

3.        List five teachings of Job.

4.        List the three “friends” of Job.

5.        How will the righteous respond when the Lord delivers them from suffering and sorrow?



Chapter 19


1.        List three authors of the Psalms.

2.        Why were the Psalms written?

3.        How might the Psalms be of practical use to Christians today?

4.        What are the seven penitential Psalms?

5.        How were the Psalms divided?



Chapter 20


1.        Who is the human author of the book of Proverbs?

2.        What else did this author write?

3.        Define a proverb and tell the value of teaching by proverbs.

4.        List several topics the book of Proverbs speaks about.

5.        Provide and outline of the book.



Chapter 21


1.        What is the test and theme of the book?

2.        Observe three major truths about the book.

3.        What is the scope of Ecclesiastes?

4.        Listen seven things that cannot bring happiness.

5.        When should all people begin to have a relationship with the Lord?


Song of Solomon

Chapter 22


1.        How are Christians to understand this book?

2.        How might the Jews have understood this book?

3.        Which Psalm provides the key to unlocking this book?

4.        When properly understood, how will the heart respond to the Divine narrative?

5.        What is the proper frame of mind to study the Song of Solomon?



Chapter 23


1.        Why did the prophets arise?

2.        List some of the Old Testament prophets?

3.        Tell something of the man Isaiah.

4.        Of what does Isaiah speak?

5.        In chapter 7 what great messianic sign is promised?



Chapter 24


1.        List five facts about Jeremiah.

2.        What is the last account of him?

3.        What is the theme of his writings?

4.        According to legend, what did Jeremiah do when Jerusalem was destroyed?

5.        What concern should a Christian have after reading the book?



Chapter 25


1.        Who is the human author of this work?

2.        Why did he write this book?

3.        What is unusual about the composition of this book?

4.        Of what practical use was this work to the Jews?

5.        Of what practical use is this work to the Church?



Chapter 26


1.        What does the name “Ezekiel” mean?

2.        How and why did Ezekiel die?

3.        Where was Ezekiel when he prophesied?

4.        How do we  know about sin?

5.        What final spiritual principle is learned from the narrative?



Chapter 27


1.        What is the meaning of the name “Daniel”?

2.        From what tribe did Daniel come?

3.        Through the reigns of which foreign rulers did Daniel ministry?

4.        What future empires did Daniel predict would arise?

5.        Under which man did the Jews see excessive harshness?




Chapter 28


1.        How many of the Minor Prophets prophesied to be captive?

2.        How many prophesied after the Exile?

3.        When did Hosea minister?

4.        How long did he minister?

5.        What did Hosea predict?



Chapter 29


1.        What three things did Joel speak of?

2.        To whom did Joel minister?

3.        What are the people called upon to do?

4.        What promises are given to the nation?

5.        What glorious things are spoken of in chapter 3?



Chapter 30


1.        Is Amos the father of Isaiah?

2.        What was the occupation of Amos?

3.        What is the significance of the name “Amos”?

4.        What were the specific sins of the nation?

5.        How does the book come to a conclusion?



Chapter 31


1.        What is unique about the composition of this book?

2.        Who is Obadiah?

3.        Against whom did Obadiah preach?

4.        Was Obadiah an Edomite by birth?

5.        How is the Word of Truth divinely established?



Chapter 23


1.        How many days did God give Nineveh to repent?

2.        From which city did Jonah come?

3.        During whose reign did Jonah minister?

4.        How is Jonah a type of Christ?

5.        What two themes are united in the life of Jonah and the message he proclaimed?




Chapter 33


1.        To whom did Micah minister?

2.        State two purposes for the book of Micah.

3.        Where else in Scripture is Micah quoted?

4.        What did Micah predict about Christ?

5.        Which New Testament ruler was interested in this Old Testament prophecy?



Chapter 34


1.        What does the name of Nahum signify?

2.        Whose destruction is foretold in this book?

3.        During whose reign did Nahum minister?

4.        For what purpose did Nahum prophecy?

5.        Did Nahum have anything to say to Israel and Judah?



Chapter 35


1.        According to legend, whose son is Habakkuk?

2.        During whose reign did Habakkuk minister?

3.        What does Bel and the Dragon have to say about Habakkuk?

4.        What is the duty of a prophet?

5.        What great political events had happened in Judah during the days of Habakkuk?



Chapter 36


1.        What distinction among the prophets does Zephaniah hold?

2.        What did he foretell?

3.        What hope did Zephaniah offer to the people?

4.        Who is Zephaniah?

5.        When did Zephaniah engage in prophecy?



Chapter 37


1.        To whom did Haggai minister and when?

2.        Why did Haggai speak to others?

3.        What is the time span of this work?

4.        How did Haggai speak of Christ?

5.        Which Psalms are attributed in part to Haggai?




Chapter 38


1.        Who was a colleague of Zechariah?

2.        When did Zechariah minister?

3.        How did Zechariah comfort the people?

4.        What did Zechariah say about Christ?

5.        Which specific Temple is in view. (Zechariah 5:1)



Chapter 39


1.        From which country and of whose descent did Malachi come?

2.        What does the name Malachi mean?

3.        What is the scope of his prophecy?

4.        Why did Malachi preach?

5.        What are the final messages of the last prophet of the Old Testament era?