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Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters

What were their losses, and what their gains? Their losses were themselves and all that they had. Their gains were great, not for themselves but for posterity. They, with their fellows, the Puritans, gained freedom in every realm of human living, thus winning and preserving democracy, and the right spiritually and morally to worship God with an open Bible interpreted by all. They were the pioneers of the Protestant intellectual renaissance, resulting in the discovery of so much for the good of man in his earth environment, accompanied by laws for the community in social ameliorations whose good can never be calculated All by-products of the Gospel had to have a preserved Gospel. They were the preservers. They made possible the lawfulness of dissent in times of error, coldness and ecclesiastical death; cleared the way and dug the foundations of every religious revival we have since known, and were the first in the missionary enterprise. To them we owe our way of life, our constitution, our institutions, our commonwealth, and our honoured place among the nations of the world. But for them our place and that of the U.S.A., would have been low down among the Romanist nations with the grimly-attendant dire consequences of such a plight, the menace of atheistic Communism.

Their faith held no lifeless opinions. It was as spiritual and evangelical as they themselves were, alive unto God, taken up with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. So dear is their memory, so sure their testimony, that for us it must be. 'Whose faith follow, considering the end of their manner of life, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.

An Outline Of Scottish 'Covenant History' In The 17th Century with Chronological Summary

James Guthrie

Hugh MacKail

Richard Cameron

David Hackston

John Brown

Margaret MacLachlan and Margaret Wilson

John Nisbet

James Renwick

James Mitchell

William Gordon

John Dick

Donald Cargill


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