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The Edwards Pulpit

Sermons of Jonathan Edwards preached from the First Christian Church, Northampton, MA & other pulpits across Puritan New England from 1731-1758

The Sermons are presented by topical groups Including "Charity & It's Fruits"


Warning and Judgment - What Edwards is famous for...  If  Jonathan Edwards is known for anything,  it is , "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God".  Here are 15 Sermons that are vintage "Puritan Fire".   WARNING - Do not  read them at night

Doctrine and Teaching - Edwards as Pastor / Teacher.  Mostly preached in his pulpit in Northampton, MA on the Lords day, this group of sermons show Edwards brilliance of teaching deep theological truth in typical puritan practical form.  WARNING - Do not  read these if you like being an Arminian

Pastor / Shepherd - Edwards as Local Minister / Shepherd.  In these sermons Edwards can be seen presenting practical "truth for living" to his parishioners.  WARNING - Many topics presented here, i.e.  hypocrisy, praylessness, true worship, procrastination, etc. are rarely discussed in modern pulpits

Special Sermons - Edwards often preached sermons for special occasions, weddings, funerals, community events etc. Here are some of his finest work.  Do not miss A Farewell Sermon.  It is Edwards final sermon preached after he was dismissed as Pastor by vote of the congregation. It is my personal favorite - editor

16 Sermons on Charity and It's Fruits
(An Exposition of I Corinthians Chapter 13)

These 16 sermons were preached to the congregation in Northampton in 1738. Intending them to be published after they were delivered, Edwards prepared them completely by hand. However, they were never published until 1851 when Tyrone Edwards edited the original manuscripts and titled them "CHARITY AND ITS FRUITS... Christian love manifested in the heart and life"

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